Visiting the investment hub of oil industry pension funds in Asalouye

<p style="text-align: left;">The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oil Industry Pension Funds visited Frasco Complex, ethane recovery projects, UT, HD and development of Kangan Petrochemical (Alfin), Soroush Mehestan, Negin Mehestan and Alai Mehestan Petrochemical. Engineer Bayat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oil Industry Pension Funds, arrived in Asalouye today (Tuesday) for a two-day visit to the funds' economic and investment plans. Simultaneously with the evaluation and follow-up of the progress of the economic projects of the funds, field visits to the projects are also planned. Therefore, in today's program, Tuesday (June 3), the Frasco complex, ethane recovery projects, UT, HD and development of Kangan (Alfin) Petrochemical, Soroush Mehestan, Negin Mehestan and Alai Petrochemical Mehestan were visited.<br>The High Council of Projects was formed in January 1400 with the aim of continuous monitoring of the funds' investment projects. Over the past six months, the pension funds of the oil industry have been evaluating the current plans of the funds monthly with the formation of this council. This mechanism will continue until the exploitation of the projects. In the horizon of 1404, the exploitation of about twenty economic plans for the funds is targeted. About two-thirds of the sources of providing pensions and provisions for retirees and survivors of the oil industry are provided monthly from the income of economic and investment plans. According to experts' estimates, the number of oil industry retirees will increase in the coming years, with these conditions, accelerating the economic plans of the funds has become very important. In the 10th meeting of the Supreme Council of Projects, the monthly progress of the development plans of Kangan Petrochemical (Alfin) and its downstream, Alai Mehestan Petrochemical, the amount and method of sales of Kangan Petrorefining products were evaluated and now continuous monitoring is done in the field. According to the dependence of some industries on each other's food supply, the projects of the funds have been grouped into three hubs: Asalouye, Mahshahr and Ilam; The proportional growth and development of each of these centers is of double importance for the funds.</p>