<p style="text-align: left;">&Oslash; Promotion of positive culture and belief in the implementation of HSE principles and rules.<br>&Oslash; Implementation of all laws and regulations as well as requirements and requirements of HSE management systems<br>&Oslash; Compiling and implementing trainings and creating necessary resources for all company personnel and contractors to maintain and improve HSE levels in the work environment.<br>&Oslash; Integrated HSE management in all aspects and levels of the company.<br>&Oslash; Evaluating and monitoring the company's performance and HSE indicators.<br>&Oslash; Eliminating or reducing environmental hazards and pollution, unsafe activities and behaviors that can cause accidents.<br>&Oslash; Holding seasonal HSE tours to improve the company's HSE performance and develop performance improvement strategies through BRAIN STORMING &amp; BENCH MARK</p>