<p style="text-align: left;">Considering the lack of propylene in the country and the market need for propylene and polypropylene, the availability of propane in the region<br>Asaluyeh by converting the produced propane into more valuable products with high added value, construction of downstream units<br>Propane is very important.<br>Propylene production by dehydrogenation from propane (PDH) is one of the important and commercial methods of propylene production.<br>It is in the world. Currently, various units are producing propylene with this method.<br>The PP unit is considered as one of the most important and main consumers of propylene and therefore<br>The PP unit is on the agenda to use the propylene produced in the PDH unit.<br>Kangan Petrorefining Company is planning to build downstream units of ethane and propane<br>Phases 2 and 3 of this company have been mentioned since the beginning. Phase 3 of this company is the construction of PDH and PP units<br>In partnership with Ovik company and in the form of a separate company called Alai Mehestan Petrochemical Company, Tafrif and<br>It is running.</p>